The Power of Women

Text und Musik von Karen Drucker: It’s the power of women – United we stand. We’re making a difference when we join hands It’s the power of women who will heal this world. The power of women – the power of women…

1. It’s the Goddess, it’s the matriarch, it’s the maiden, it’s the crone
Every color, every race through the ages it’s been shown
That women have compassion women show the way
To a world that’s filled with peace and love let me hear you say

* Chorus *

2. As we stand in this circle feeling our connection
We can feel the power move as we state our intention
To bring peace to this world and right all the wrongs
Joining now in sisterhood we lift our voice in song and sing

* Chorus *

Tag: We got the power to change the world so what are we gonna do?
First we have to realize that it’s up to me and you
Every single day I’m gonna take the time to pray
And spread some lovingkindness to each person along my way
Whatcha gonna do with your power
We are women of power

Text und Musik von Karen Drucker. Free Download hier.

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