Joy – Freude

Screenshot Lee Harris/Davor Bozic:

Joy is the sun.
Joy is the heat and the life.
I am allowed to be in joy.
I am allowed.

I love joy.
You are such a good friend to me.
You light me up, and that allows me to light others up.

I love the feeling of joy inside my body, my heart,
and the peace that joy brings to my mind.
I am here to share joy freely and lovingly.
When I was a child, joy was the fire inside my heart.
It moved my body, my spirit and my curiosity.
What did we have to lose inside ourselves
to become suspicious of joy?

This world gave us opportunities to close down, fear
and be ashamed of our joy.
We lost joy.

Here’s the good news.
As we grew up this world gave us opportunities
to express and enhance and experience our joy.
We can fall in love with joy again.
So, did we abandon joy or did we nurture it?
Perhaps, we did both.
How quickly can we surrender back into the arms of joy?

We can change our choices, every day.
We can create new patterns, every day.
We can create joy, every day.
Even on the darkest days.

And the joy we allow back into and through our bodies,
will be a benevolent and loving force in our world.

Joy loves you so much.
Truly, madly, deeply, joyously.
You love joy.
And joy loves you.
Will you surrender to joy?
Surrender to joy again.
Surrender to creating more joy every day.

I love joy.
Joy loves me right back.

I become my future every day.
Every loving move lights the way.
I’m allowing joy, I’m allowing joy.
I’m allowing joy, I’m allowing joy.
I’m becoming joy.

As I make new choices every day.
The joy inside me.
I’m becoming joy in every way.
I’m allowing joy, I’m allowing joy.
I’m allowing joy, I’m allowing joy.
I’m becoming joy.

Allow. Allow the joy.
Allow. Allow the joy.
Joy is allowed.
Joy is allowed.

I create my future every day.

Joy‘ appears on the new album ‚Transmissions Vol. 2,‘ out October 15, 2021.

Written and Produced by Lee Harris and Davor Bozic
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound
Artwork & Design by Trent Barfield
Video created by Rebecca Hall
Photography by Tanya Malott

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