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Der wunderbare Animationsfilm „The Life of Death“ lässt uns das Leben und den Tod auf eine besondere Weise sehen. Es ist die Abschlussarbeit der Niederländerin Marsha Onderstijn, die in einem Interview dazu sagt:

„I have never viewed Death as something dark or evil, and I wanted to explore that in my animation. So Death became the protagonist of my story. I wanted to make him a character that an audience could relate to and sympathize with. What would it be like to be Death? To always have to end lives and to remain behind, alone. Maybe Death is a creature with feelings and emotions? What if Death fell in Love with Life?

The Doe is my visualization of Life. She isn’t afraid of Death and builds a friendship with him throughout her life. And when her time has come, she embraces Death like the friend he has become.“

Das ganze Interview hier lesen.

Mehr zur Künstlerin hier

Music by Ramon de Wilde

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